在我們困難的時候幫助過我們的人,不論他是誰,過後都不應當受到鄙視 :)

Debbi Frank 黛比弗蘭克 2016年2月22日 - 2月28日一週運勢


摩羯 水瓶 雙魚
白羊 金牛 雙子
巨蟹 獅子 處女
天秤 天蠍 射手



Head versus heart, this is what it’s all about. Body versus spirit, practical versus the dream are pulling you in opposite directions too. Do not make snap decisions as the key to managing the tension is in finding some kind of balance.



You seem to get involved with two different types of people – the practical ones like you and the dreamers who drive you crazy. This week flags up the discrepancy between the two. It’s easy to relate to the sensible side of life but you secretly yearn for something more magical. Isn’t that why you attract these people in the first place?



Everything is in a state of flux, even though you feel you should just make a tick-box decision. However, you’re aware that nothing is final yet, there are still some unanswered questions floating around at the back of your mind and it might not be until the total eclipse on March 9th that you really know what’s right.



Full Moons always set you on edge as you are ruled by the Moon and feel more emotional than usual. Monday is your pressure point but then the Sun coasts along to meet with ethereal Neptune next Sunday and you feel the need to escape. Next month on March 9th a total solar eclipse will highlight how you could move beyond existing limitations and move in new directions.



On-going negotiations can be completed with a Full Moon but you might not be clear about a number of other issues – the extent to which people can be trusted to be on your side for instance. As you continue to discuss things it’s wise to know that there is sometimes a gap between what people promise to do and what they can actually deliver. Only after the solar eclipse on March 9th will you see how things are stacking up.



As Monday’s Virgo Full Moon brings your feelings to the fore, you’re reacting differently these days and find it hard to be your usual analytical self. At least you know what matters to you! Keep discussions going and you will get to see what other people are wrestling with. It will blow your mind as their side of the story is really crazy.



Any kind of anxiety that keeps you awake at night is sure to be material that you normally suppress in the everyday scheme of things. Monday’s Full Moon brings it all out. However, once you decide to talk to certain people you’re given a new perspective. You realise everyone has their fears and doubts and you’re in fact simply struggling with the human condition which is always assuming it’s possible to create order out of chaos.



You’ve got a certain role to play within a group of people or organisation, but other things are floating your boat these days. At the end of February and around the solar eclipse on March 9th you’ll recognise a more creative outlet for your talents.



The things that are making you tense are being dealt with in the early part of the week. Leaving you much more relaxed and able to go with the flow. However, too much floating has its own issue – which is that you want greater definition, structure and more answers. This is rare for you but with Saturn in Sagittarius you’re getting real and feeling others are flaking out.



Your agenda is being set up which gives you the illusion that you know what’s going to happen! In reality, there are factors that are bound to alter your course, certain issues that arise and change the trajectory. It’s important to be flexible as the upcoming solar eclipse on March 9th reveals that trying to be in control is simply foolish.



Such a split in the heavens this week between order and chaos! You want answers, results and completion. You can have them – but only up to a point as the Sun’s meeting with Neptune next Sunday opens up more questions. You’re learning to discuss everything and what you realise is that a little meandering can be a good way to handle a complex process.



Despite Monday’s Full Moon which brings pivotal events nothing can be set in stone. You have to work with the information available rather than hoping for long term decisions. After the Pisces solar eclipse on March 9th you’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Until then, regard what you’re doing as an experiment.